Humboldt Wagon Ruts and Rock Walls.

These are really two separate historical treasurers but share some locations, particularly those just East of Bruce Road.  The Humboldt Wagon Road was a project conceived by John Bidwell in hopes of transporting the produce of the Sacramento Valley to the mining and ranching areas east of the Sierra's.  Though his dream was largely unmet freight and passengers were transported over the route and a few of the ruts remain.

There are Rock Walls, sometimes referred to as Stone Fences, in many locations around Butte County and in many other areas of the world.  A group of concerned citizens of Chico and the surrounding area is trying to raise interest in preserving the walls which remain.  An effort to find more of their history is also underway.

Bidwell Amphitheater.  Built as a WPA project at the end of the Depression in the 1930's this Chico Landmark has been home to many graduations and theatrical performances.  It suffers from neglect and vandalism.  It is located on the banks of Big Chico Creek on the CSU-Chico campus.

Downtown Chico Post office.

This building dates from the early part of the 1900's. Similar in style and age to the Old Municipal Building, it suffers from lack of maintaintance.  As the postal service looks for cost savings we worry about its future.  The work done on the post office during the summer of 2016 with the painting of the trim is a step in the right direction.  We also note that efforts in keep the steps clean are being made.

Watch List

​CHA tries to protect Resources of historic interest. 

This list reflects our current concerns.

Wright-Patrick House & Ranch

Heritage Trees

Anna Barney House

Faculty Row Houses

Mansion Park Houses

​The Train Depot

If you would like to suggest resources to add to this watch list send us an email from the contact page. Information about any of these resources or any other that appear the be threatened would be welcomed.

Check back here from time to time for updates on watch list properties.

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The Esplanade.

We worry about the future of this grand boulevard as the City seeks to come up with a plan to mitigate some of the concerns with it

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